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Our Origin

To us, coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s a celebration of the coming together of two beautiful worlds.
The tale of Velvet Coffee is a journey through two continents - an ode to the love and dedication poured into every bean. From the warm terrains of Colombia to the artisanal roastery in Belgium, it’s a story of passion, persistence, and a shared love for coffee.
Velvet Coffee began in Cafe Velvet, whose inception was rooted in a simple belief: Colombian coffee truly shines when savoured in its native soil. As a nation poised to become brewing and tasting experts, we believe that the best Colombian coffees should be available to those who have worked so hard to give the world these delicious bews.

Fueled by this passion, we introduced Café Velvet in 2014, nestled in the scenic El Poblado district of Medellin, quickly earning our stripes as a hallmark of third wave coffee culture in the city.

Over time as our aspirations evolved, we committed to building an entire coffee chain - thus, Velvet Coffee.

Guided by our vision, we channel the profits from our Colombian operation into direct purchases from the very farmers who cultivate our beans. We proudly prepay 100% for all our Colombian selections in full, compensating the growers directly in their local currency.

From there, the coffee goes in one straight line to either our Itagüí roastery or its Brussels counterpart.Our Itagüí roastery is dedicated exclusively to serving our Colombian 'tienda de café'. The true delight, though, is when the coffee producers themselves stroll into Cafe Velvet and together, over a delectable brew, we exchange tales and trends from the ever-evolving world of coffee. This moment truly captures the spirit of Velvet Coffee as its own hallmark third world, third wave specialty coffee.
Ilse in Colombia

Our Mission

At Velvet Coffee, we are devoted to bridging worlds through our brews. Harnessing the soulful essence of Colombian beans and the meticulous craftsmanship of Belgium roasting, we serve not just a cup, but a journey. Our commitment is to consistently provide an unparalleled coffee experience, echoing the tales of two rich cultures and bringing communities together.

Our Vision

Velvet Coffee envisions a future where every sip transcends borders, telling stories of diverse lands and united passions. As global coffee connoisseurs, we aim to be the beacon of third-culture coffee, blending tradition and innovation. Through sustainability, inclusivity, and excellence, we see ourselves shaping the global coffee narrative, one cup at a time.
Team photo Café Velvet

Our Team

Nestled at the heart of Café Velvet is a passionate ensemble of coffee aficionados, proudly 100% women-owned. Founded in 2014 by the dynamic Ilse Geyskens, she steers the helm, curating our finest green coffee and orchestrating operations across Colombia and Belgium. In Colombia, the spirited Andreina Scremin leads our 12-member brigade (andreina@cafevelvet.co). Meanwhile, in Belgium, Ilse (ilse@cafevelvet.co), alongside Phillip Vandervoort, artfully runs our roastery and digital storefront. Dive into our world, where every bean has a story, and every story is brewed to perfection.

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